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  O - from Obie light  to Overtime.

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Obie light - also known as an eyelight or camera light. It was designed by cinematographer Lucien Ballard for his wife, actress Merle Oberon. A small, round low-wattage light is mounted on the motion picture camera or armed in just above the lens to create a "spark" or highlight in the eyes of the subject. A variation on this is a slot or slash of light across both eyes and the bridge of the nose in a low-key or shadowed face. This type of light was used frequently in film noir and other lighting styles of black and white films. Sometimes this technique is used for deeper eye sockets to fill in a bit.

- the percentage or ratio of light a given material allows to pass through it. The range runs from opaque to transparent. Diffusion materials are gauged by their resistance to light and resulting softening or spread of the beam hitting it. (1/2 frost, opal, etc.)

Open faced - usually refers to a lighting instrument that does not have a lens to focus or spread the beam.

Overload - occurs when more current is pulled through the electrical system than it was designed to carry, causing a  fuse or circuit breaker to blow or trip.

Overtime (O.T) - the time worked past the standard/legal/contracted terms in a film crew video production day. Variations in locales, states, countries, etc. may vary the amount added to an hourly crew person's base rate.

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