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The Visual Dictionary of Video/Film Grip and Lighting Equipment and Terminology is an attempt to get all this stuff written down in one place for both fun and educational purposes. As video grip and lighting technology and production methods change, so will the dictionary.

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baby (hardware) - is the word used to describe a 5/8-inch stud/pin or receiver on any piece of grip or lighting equipment (because it is the smallest sized). Used in combination names such as: baby stud, baby 2K, etc. Other stud and reciever sizes are: junior and senior.

"baby" 5/8-inch stud or pin

baby light (aka "ace" or 1K) - the baby word is also used as a nickname for a 1K light, which also normally has a baby receiver mount. There is even a baby baby light, which is a smaller-bodied 1K that fits nicely into small spaces but still outputs a fair amount of light - and has a wider spread due to it's shallower bulb housing. Baby can be used to describe a certain style of other lights, too, just to make things a little more confusing. Example: baby 5K ( a 5k light in a compact body, as opposed to a "big eye" "junior" or "senior" version body, lens and mount).

Un-mounted baby plate
baby plate - a steel plate with a baby stud (of various lengths)  welded on. The plate has holes to enable screws for attaching the plate to walls, apple boxes or other surfaces. It can also be used on a C-stand grip head to add a light mount in a pinch.

- folding metal flaps or doors attached to the front of a light to control the beam. There are both 2 door and 4 door barndoor configurations. Most fresnel type lights have hooked flaps that hold the barndoors in place.

bazooka - or trombone is a light mounting device usually used from a studio grid (or a truss of some sort on location). It has sliding sections just like a light stand, ending in a stud or stirrup where lighting instruments and other gear can be mounted or hung.

beadboard - is used to bounce or reflect light. Manufactured from polystyrene foam beads to be used as housing insulation, it makes a nice, diffused bounce light panel. Some beadboard has a foil backing which can be used as a harder, more reflective surface when needed.

beef - the strength or amount of light, as in the phrase "give it some more beef". See also: poop

beefy baby - a heavier-duty light stand with a baby stud.

big eye - can be a fresnel-lensed light of various sizes which features a larger lens and housing than the standard-sized fixture of the same wattage, i.e. "big eye 2K".

black wrap - heavy aluminum foil with an anodized black surface. It's used to stop light spills, make emergency barn doors, make quick mini-flags and much more.

blonde - a round, open-faced 2K light.

bobbinet - is a net or mesh-type cloth used in grip scrims (net type light controlling devices). The number of layers used determines the light stopping capabilities of the scrim. One layer is a "single", two layers a "double" scrim or net. It can be bought by the roll to repair open and closed scrim devices, as well as to cut down light from windows or other larger sources. See: types of net scrims.

branch holder - basically a piece piece of pipe with a screw bolt to enable holding branches for either in view foliage effect or shadow generation from a light, as well as holding wooden poles, small flag poles and the like. See branchaloris (next entry), dingle, and smilex.

branchaloris/branch-a-loris - a small tree branch or bundle of branches used as a "cookie" (cuculoris) in front of a light or the sun to make shadow patterns or diffuse the light beam in a natural-looking fashion.

broad - any rectangular open-faced light (often with a double-ended type tungsten bulb). Can be used for "broad" illumination, cyclorama lighting and other applications.

broom - both a tool used to sweep up dust and debris, and a phrase used on sets to order crew to clear the lights ("broom it back", or "broom it out)", stands and other gear off of the set to get ready for a completely new lighting set up, or move to another set or location.

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