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J - Japanese Lantern to Joker

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Japanese Lantern (aka "china ball") - is a wire or bamboo framed, paper covered ball or cylinder shaped "light". Small wattage bulbs (usually normal household incandescents) can be rigged inside. The paper covering diffuses the light nicely, although in a pretty uncontrolled way due to the shape of the "diffuser". Great for subtle touches, and can work as practical lights in a scene, too.

Joker - one of, if not the, first compact, very portable, lower wattage HMI PAR lights, manufactured by K5600 Lighting, Inc. . Jokers run from 200w units up to 800w models, in various housing styles. They are flexible as far as power supplies (110 and 240Volt capabilities), and can run off of two 14.4 camera batteries (making 28.8 volts), making them popular for use in car interiors, traveling shots, etc.



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