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There are as many methods of creating animation as there are animators to use them these days. This is an ever changing field of production, where animators must continually explore and educate themselves to achieve professional careers. The Video Production Site hopes to help in these endeavours by researching and listing animation related websites, software companies and animation supply companies and vendors of interest to animators of all types.

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      Thousands of 3D models in a wide variety of file formats are presented along with full collections, software and a freelance work area.

     If you're on a tight budget but need some basic and not-so-basic 3D animation capabilities, check out Anim8or, the freeware 3D modeling and animation program written by R. Steven Glanville.

Animation World Network

     AWN is a great web resource for animators of all types. Articles, interviews, production company and freelancer marketplace profiles are just the start of all the valuable info to be found here.

Autodesk, Inc.
     Both of the high end 3D animation programs 3ds Max and Maya are offered by Autodesk, Inc. With full professional capabilities and wide usage throughout the world of animation, Autodesk, Inc. is a major player in many production companies and individual animators "toolboxes".

Blender 3D
     Blender 3D is an excellent open source 3D modeling and animation program, and it is 100% free to download. It can handle import/export of  a wide variety of animation file formats, too! Students to pros can find this program of use in a variety of ways.

DigiCel FlipBook
     According to DigiCel's website, "FlipBook is the only 2D animation software that is designed entirely from the ground up to do 2D animation the way professional animators are used to doing it." FlipBook is used by many professional animators, as well as animation schools.

NewTek, Inc. - LightWave 3D
     Lightwave 3D is one of the most established 3D modeling, rendering and animation programs in existence today. Lightwave has been used my many professional animators in commercial, film and video applications to create high-end images over several decades.

ToonBoom Animation, Inc.
     With vector-based 2D drawing capabilities and many time-saving features, ToonBoom is a favorite of many animators and productions companies. Entry level to full Professional versions are available.

      A "3D Marketplace" where modelers and buyers can find textures, 3D models, software plug-ins, and much more. Also offers custom 3D modeling services.

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