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At the heart of it all, it's the light hitting the subject that defines the image. For cinematographers and lighting crew-persons in all media, film to digital, it takes a much wider variety of lighting instruments to create great video or film motion pictures. Collected below you will find connections to lighting instrument manufacturers, general and specialty, as well as websites for vendors, rental houses and others related to lighting in one way or another.


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Anton/Bauer, Inc.
Along with their famed power batteries, Anton/Bauer offers a range of on-camera battery driven lights. Great for run and gun, quick interviews and tons of other uses.

In addition to all their other great production gear, Arri manufacturers a complete line of both location and studio lighting instruments. You'll see the blue and silver Arri lights on many shoots!

Chimera Lighting
Beyond their well-known collapsible softlight boxes, Chimera makes complete portable/studio lighting instruments for a variety of applications.

DeSisti Lighting
With a sturdy, long lasting design, and a wide variety of instruments, DeSisti Lighting is used all over the world in studio and location lighting. Based in Italy, with offices worldwide.

Hedler Systemlicht
Manufacturer of both motion and still photography oriented lighting instruments. Interesting design, with some units having built in fans for forced air cooling (fan switchable for sound takes).

Kino Flo, Inc.
Kino Flo is the company that made fluorescent light look good! From their original unit, they have developed a wide range of flo-based lighting gear, for both location and studio applications.

LTM Lighting
Famous for their "Pepper" light series, LTM makes HMI and tungsten fixtures in a wide variety of sizes and configurations for film and television production.

Mole-Richardson Co.
One of the true originals of cinema lighting, with roots going way back through television and film history. Just about every type of light you can think of, plus all sorts of tools, rentals and more.

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