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There is a whole world of different mechanisms, mounts, jibs, tripods, dollies, monopods and more available to camera crew members to support just the right shot, angle or camera move. The Video Production Site staff has checked out (if not used) many of these devices, and has assembled the links below for your convenience.

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Based in Rome, Italy, Cartoni Professional Camera Support offers a great selection of fluid heads and tripods applicable to all shooting situations.

Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment
Maker of the well-known Super PeeWee IV dolly as well as a variety of cranes, studio pedestals and other specialty camera mount/movement devices. 

Stanton Video Services
Creator of the well-known Jimmy Jib and other high-flying camera rigs. The Stanton jibs have continued to evolve from their innovative beginnings.

O'Connor Engineering
Since 1952, O'Connor has been a mainstay in film and video production, even winning an Academy Award for their unique fluid head design.

Since 1954, Miller Camera Support has been manufacturing  a wide variety of professional tripods and fluid heads for television and film production.

From lightweight to heavy duty fluid heads and tripods, Sachtler has been a favorite of cameraman worldwide for several decades.

Spider Support Systems
Manufacturer of the innovative Ringo Head which allows "sideways" shooting for vertical displays and green screen work. Also offers compact and portable shooting platforms with isolated tripod mounts to reduce operator induced vibration.

This innovative body mounted camera motion system caused quite a stir when introduced in 1976, and has since evolved into a whole line of models for all types of film and video cameras.

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