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There has never been a greater variety of choices for education and training in all aspects of video production! With an explosion in the number of video/film departments at universities and colleges, technical schools and on-line classes over the last 15 years or so, it can be difficult to decide the path that's best for you. Success in video and film production requires an ongoing, career long education process. Whether that is done through self-driven reading and research or actual class enrollment, (physical or online), hopes to make your research a little easier by connecting you to websites and programs in many aspects of visual media production that may give you that extra edge or bit of knowledge that can make the difference in your production education efforts.

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Academy of Art University
With both a physical campus in San Francisco, CA, and an extensive array of online course offerings, the Academy of Art University covers the gamut of visual arts, including motion picture, animation and illustration.
Specializing in 3D content production with the Maya animation program, Animation Mentor offers on-line courses taught by industry pros.

Arizona State University

If you are interested in video production as applied to news and documentary programs, ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism offers undergrad and grad programs covering all aspects of today's continually changing world of video-based news writing and production.

Chapman University
Located in Orange, CA, Chapman's new state of the art film and video department is catching the eye of both potential students and professionals. Definitely the new contender in the Southern California area for degrees in various aspects of video and film.
Planning for and choosing the right film or video production school can be tricky, There are lots of them out there! College Info is a great resource to help you in your educational endeavours.
This site offers a unique approach to learning and practicing video and related production areas. Check it out for more info on what the program offers!
A very comprehensive directory of film and video schools both in the U.S.A. and international locations, with sections for career advice and more. A great place to start your research if you are planning to pursue a degree or certificate in your chosen area of film or video production.

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