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From high-end broadcast cameras to prosumer camcorders, the choices have never been more diverse. Hundreds of models available can make it difficult to choose the right rig when renting or buying! The Video Production site is working to make the research and application of these visual tools easier through the resources listed below. And coming soon... a comprehensive on-line system for camera evaluation and comparison.

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The Arri Group manufactures motion picture film cameras, as well as the new HD Arriflex D-21 - "The Filmmakers Digital Camera".
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From innovative broadcast camera lenses to popular prosumer and consumer HD/SD camcorders, Canon is a long respected company in film and televison production equipment manufacturing.
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With a wide range of studio and field/portable HD and SD cameras, this video camera pioneer company continues to provide reliable, state of the art broadcast video equipment to stations and studios around the world. 
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Manufacturer of both professional broadcast equipment and prosumer/consumer gear, JVC offers a wide range of HD cameras, camcorders, monitors and recorders in a variety of formats. Plus JVC has recently introduced a new 3D video monitor for this emerging format.
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Home of the VariCam® Variable Frame Rate 16:9 HD Cinema™ Camera, plus monitors, camcorders, recorders and more.
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Known for decades of motion picture camera manufacturing and production package services, Panavision also offers the Genesis® Digital Camera System to the growing digital cinematography movement.
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Manufacturer of specialty cameras, including very affordable high-speed HD cameras for a wide variety of applications.

Red Digital Cinema
Beginning with the Red One HD camera, Red has brought a new look and approach to digital cinematography with its unique, expanding camera line. Check out the first professional cameras produced in America in quite a while!
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One of the most complete broadcast/professional/industrial/prosumer video equipment manufacturers in existence today. HDCAM camcorders to HD monitors, Sony provides proven quality equipment to almost every aspect of video production today.
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If it has a lens, chances are Carl Zeiss makes one for it... and it will be the best available. A favorite of film cinematographers for years, Zeiss is now at the top of digital cinematographers list, too.
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