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From C-47s or "bullets" to the latest genius clamp or device, you just can't do video production without grip gear! Collected below are some of our favourite grip equipment manufacturers and their websites, along with some great info sites on the fine art of "grip-ology".

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American Grip
Manufacturer of C-stands, combos, dollies, reflectors, mounting equipment and much more. American's grip head control handle design is a VideoProductionSite favourite... they are large and fit your palm, for easy and quick tightening with no awkward, bent fingers required!

Kupo Co.
Manufacturer offering a wide range of professional lighting stands and grip accessories for the film, TV studio, location, photographic and entertainment industries. Kupo grip and lighting equipment is manufactured in Taiwan and is getting good reviews from industry professionals world-wide.

Matthews Studio Equipment
Innovative manufacturer of grip equipment has evolved into camera rigs and more, still providing great grip gear at the heart of it all. Matthews is one of the most recognized names in film and video grip gear world-wide.

Modern Studio Equipment
A full range of grip and camera mounting equipment has been Modern Studio Equipment's business since 1975. The website has a good picture-based on line catalog.

Norms Studio Equipment
Maker of a wide range of grip equipment and stands for just about every production application you can think of. We searched and searched, but could not find a website. But they deserve a mention! North Hollywood, CA. Telephone: 818-766- 6676

Doughty Engineering Ltd.
Doughty Engineering includes studio, stage and location grip equipment in their line-up, including the "Supa Clamp". Offices in UK and Southern California.

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