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While there are always a few programs and types of computer hardware that are considered "the best" or "the only way" to edit video, in reality there are usually many choices. Assembled (pun intended) below is our "edit list" of every piece of software and hardware for editing video that we can find, placed in a "bin" for your convenience. Whether they make the "cut" is up to you!

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Adobe Premiere
Many experienced non-linear editors started out on Adobe Premiere, one of the longest running video editing software packages around. Now available in several flavors from consumer to professional, and more tightly integrated with other Adobe products such as After Effects in a "creative suite" package.

As one of the newer players in the world of non-linear editing, Apple's Final Cut software has certainly made it's mark. One of the first packages to handle DV video easily and efficiently. Now offers HD capabilities, too. Available in several versions up to Final Cut Pro. Mac only.


     Avid non-linear editing is one of the original players in computer-based editing systems. Starting out as a high-end MacIntosh based solution, Avid has evolved over the years into IBM/PC capabilities, and offers a wide variety of software covering all markets for editing as well as other digital video areas, including the Pinnacle line of products merged into Avid several years ago.

Sony Media Software, Inc
     Sony Media Software continues the Vegas video editing line with Sony Vegas 9. Vegas was one of the first packages to handle the HDV format "natively", and runs the gamut from pro HD to consumer SD in various versions. Sony Media Software also includes the Acid music tracks program, Sound Forge and DVD Studio as part of their program line-up.

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