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The A section covers "ace" to "apple box" definitions for equipment used in the grip and lighting areas of film and video production.

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ace - used in the sense of an ace card representing the number one. An "ace" on a shoot would be a 1K (1000w) fresnel-type tungsten light. Also known as a baby, or simply and clearly enough, a 1K.

Ace/1K/baby video/film fresnel light

alligator clamp
- this handy device is used to mount light-weight devices on various
spots such as tops of doors and rails while on a location video shoot, for example. The "alligator" part of the name is from the rubber "teeth" that pad the "bite" of the clamp somewhat, making it less damaging to wood or metal surfaces. Not to be confused with "alligator clips" (see below). These clamps usually can't bear much weight, so use with caution.

alligator clips - are used for electrical distribution work including tie-ins to electrical breaker boxes.

Full apple box in #2 position
apple box - basically a wooden box used on film and video production sets for a wide variety of tasks , from raising furniture higher, boosting shorter actors in two-shots, lighting instrument mount... the list goes on. They are well-reinforced and can take quite a bit of weight. Apple boxes come in four sizes designated: full, half, quarter and pancake or eighth. Apple boxes are often used to sit on by crew people if they aren't in active use on the set. There is even an "adapter" that goes on the narrow end which is padded to make a more comfortable seat! The apple box is truly the building block of film and video sets and locations. Crew people  have developed a numbering system over the decades for the positions an apple box can be placed or set-up in. See: apple box set-up positions.

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