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Edison plug
- the familiar alternating current general use plug with two vertical parallel flat blades, and a round pin for the ground. Most film video location-used lights with a wattage of 2K or less have an Edison plug. Studio lights may have other electrical connectors.

empty frames - also known as just "empties". These are frames of various sizes, usually made from flat aluminum bars that have no covering or filter... the center is empty. A variety of diffusion and blocking materials can be mounted to the frame using double-sided sticky tape. They are useful, light weight and easy to work with.

expendables - any material related to grip and lighting use that is technically considered to be good for one use, then "thrown away". Among other items, the expendables list could include: gels and diffusion for lights, gaffers tape, screws and nails, paper tape, duvateyne, black plastic for blackouts, window color correction gels and a lot more!

eyelight - a small lighting instrument, usually mounted near or right over the camera, used to fill in eye shadows. Done to the extreme, it can create an eerie glowing effect on a face. But it can also be barely strong enough to just put a spark in the eye. Barn doors, snoots or black wrap can be used to create a slot, or bar, of light that falls right across the actors eyes. Obviously more useful in fairly static poses, or short shots for dramatic effect. If rigged right over the camera lens, it is sometimes referred to as an "obie light".

eyeline - as in stay out of the actors eyeline, or field of view, during a take. If you do get caught, freeze... and don't look directly at the talent.

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