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- is used to describe several types of light units, all of which use PAR 36 globes with daylight-balanced dichroic filters. A single globe fay can be used for a fill light in some situations, while a 5-globe or 9-globe fay can provide a broad wash of light in somewhat larger shots. These lights are used less today, since the introduction of HMI lights provided more powerful daylight-balanced light sources in more compact and less power hungry units.

Finger - a small rectangular flag or net, used in all types of shots, but particularly in table top and product shot film, video and photography set-ups. Fingers are rectangular and usually sized 2 x 12 inches and 4 x 14 inches. Solid fingers are mini-flags covered with duvateyne or similar material. Net fingers are covered with bobbinet material in single and double layers for diffusing rather than blocking light.

Fill - is a light or lights used to "fill in" the dark side or shadow caused by a stronger key light on an actor or object. Fill light can be direct, or bounced from a reflector, foam core board, or even a black flag (see negative fill).

Flood - means to spread the beam of a fresnel light fixture by moving the globe closer to the lens using the flood/spot knob or paddle control built into the lighting unit body. Some open face lights have a flood or spot control also, but these are less effective than the focused beam of a fresnel light (see below).

Foam core - is a multi-use material found in the grip and lighting package on most film and video production sets and locations. It is a thin sheet of polystyrene foam covered on both sides with (usually) white paper. A sheet of foam core makes a great bounce card which can be held by a C-stand grip head, or by a foam core clamp mounted to the grip head. It is easy to cut with a knife or box cutter, and can be used along with gaffers tape to build soft boxes, extra long soft snoots, on the spot cuculoris type devices and many more imaginative applications. Foam core is a "core" expendable!

Foam core clamp (aka platypus) - this handy device is another variation or adaptation of vice grips, featuring two flat plates like the beak of a platypus, which can be adjusted to grip a sheet of foam core, allowing precise control of the foam core angle, height etc. A baby stud is attached to the handles, allowing the tool to be mounted to a c-stand grip head. A useful tool to have on many shoots.

Fresnel - (fruh-nel) A convex glass lens with concentric rings or steps used to focus or align the path of light from a globe into a controllable and distinct beam. The word is used loosely to describe any lighting unit that has a Fresnel lens at the front or opening of the body or can. Fresnel lights have a concave polished reflector behind the globe to direct all the globes output through the lens.

Furniture clamp (a.k.a. "furney") - a sliding clamp mechanism with or without a light mount stud. The furney has softer, padded contact points than most clamps (and less gripping strength), and so can be used on pieces of furniture without damaging the finish.

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