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Halogen - is a gas from the non-metallic Halogen class of elements used in tungsten-(filament) halogen light bulbs. Halogen gas is created by a mix of any of the elements in that class including: astatine, bromine, chlorine, fluorine and iodine, Video and film production tungsten-halogen lights have a color temperature of  3200K in general. Their color temperature can vary with age of the globe, manufacturer, and other factors.

High key - describes a lighting stylee that is bright overall, not moody, with faint and/or few shadows. Many television sitcoms, especially older ones from the 1960'sand '70's are lit in a high key style. It works fairly well for multi-camera set-ups, but is used in all types of programs and films, as it has an "up" mood or feel. See also: low key.

High-rollers  (aka high boy and overhead stand) -  high-rollers are large, heavy-duty stands with locking caster wheels, usually two-riser stands with a large grip head, and a junior receiver. A high-high roller has three risers. They have many uses including: supporting and floating large frames with silks/ reflective materials/ nets, and support for larger lights such as 6K, 12K and even larger HMI's. High-boys (without wheels) are easier to use on exterior locations, since they won't roll with a wind.

HMI - stands for hydragyrum medium-arc iodide, and is a sealed/enclosed type of bulb/ globe used extensively in film and video production. Hydragyrum is the Latin word for mercury. A mix of mercury and metal halides are sealed in a quartz tube or enclosure, with two tungsten electrodes providing the ignition points for an arc to occur, causing a very intense point of light. HMI light is generally 5600K color temperature, and so is "daylight balanced", or close to it at most times of day. Obviously, this type of light is very useful in situations where sunlight is the dominant source, indoors or out. HMI's can provide a lot more illumination from a given wattage than regular tungsten lights can. Example: a 1200w PAR HMI kicks out more light than a tungsten 2K. HMI lights use a ballast device to boost, condition and feed power to the igniter and maintain the resulting arc glow.

Hollywood box - a stage-plug type power breakout box used to distribute electricity around a set or location. Most power distro systems now use cam-lock type connectors rather than stage-plug type cables and distribution devices.



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