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Dance floor
- a portable floor system that can be assembled on location, similar to parquet dance floors that are set up for parties. Sometimes required for smooth dolly operation without track. Also, obviously, it's a good thing for scenes with people dancing!.

Dichroic filter
- a glass filter designed to pass only certain wavelengths of light. Dichroic filters that remove red from tungsten lights can be used to change 3200K light to 5600K (daylight). These filters are much less used since the development of highly-efficient and portable HMI 5600K lighting units, and daylight balanced fluorescent and LED lighting systems.

- a piece of tree branch, leaves or anything similar hung in front of a light to break up the beam and/or cast random shadows on a scene. Also known as a "branchaloris" .

- a three or four-wheeled device used to move the camera during a shot. There are many brands and styles of dollies. Some are designed to work on specific tracks similar to train track rails or pipes, while others are free-rolling with pneumatic tires to attempt to smooth out the bumps in a rolling surface.

Doorway Dolly
- a smaller dolly that can fit through a standard doorway. It may or may not have an operators seat and camera mount built on. Most doorway dollies are bare, and a camera tripod is mounted on the platform. The operator can stand by the tripod, or in some situations may walk along beside the rolling dolly.

Dots (and fingers) - are small nets and flags used primarily in smaller product shots or close-ups. Fingers are rectangular, and usually come in 2" x 12" and 4" x 14" sizes. Dots are round, as the name implies, and come in 3", 6" and 10' sizes



Drop Ceiling Clips or Hangers - a clever device developed because of the common acoustic drop type ceiling used in many office and work locations. A scissors-type mechanism grips the thin strip of metal between rows of acoustic panels. The baby stud attached to the scissors can hold a light or other items, but use caution. This type of ceiling and the clip itself will not support heavy weights! Best used for small (tweenie or smaller) lights.

Duvateyne (doo-vuh-teen) - is a thick black textile material treated for fire-resistance, and is used in many ways during film video production. It is usually sold by the foot on rolls. Duvateyne makes an excellent light blocker. Flags, dots and fingers are usually covered with duvateyne. It can be used as a background in shots. It is also somewhat sound absorbent, and can help kill off echoing from hard surfaces. The more you work with it, the more uses you will think of for it.

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