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      When the stuff hits the fan, when the chips are down, when you are in the 17th hour on a shoot (or in the edit bay), the only thing that can save you sometimes is laughter! So we're kicking off this Comics, Jokes and Humor section to help lighten up the mood. Please write in with any "good ones", and we'll post them here. Enjoy!

A Real Oldie (with some new answers by Joe Gambaretto)
Q: How many crew people does it take to change a light bulb?

Producer or Accountant's Answer (the original): Does it have to be a light bulb?
Talent Answer: I don't know, but does it have to be so bright?
Best Boy or Gaffer's answer: I'm calling in the swing crew and adding it to the bill.
Location Liason/Scout: None - we're not allowed to actually use lights here.

A Starlet Story (author unknown, heard on several shoots)

    After the first day of her first feature film acting gig, an assistant director asked her how she liked working in front of the camera on a big time production.
     "Oh, it was really fun, everybody was really nice and my wardrobe and makeup are the best!," she replied brightly. "But, I do have one question."
     "What's that?", the A.D. asked.
     "Well, I don't understand why that man over there (pointing to the Director of Photography) keeps wanting me to sniff the white ball on that little box he keeps holding up in front of my face!"



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