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From basic knowledge to complex solutions, the's articles cover it all. Editing, camera and equipment care, lighting and helpful information on more of the many aspects of  creating quality video images are collected below. 

Can DSLR cameras with HD video recording be used for professional video production?

     A recent trend in high end DSLR cameras being made with HD video recording capabilities has many professional videographers, photographers and cinematographers asking several questions including:
     Why are DSLR cameras offering video capabilities in the first place? Why would I even consider using a camera of this type for HD video? And if I did try using one for pro production, how would I use a camera designed mainly for still images in a professional video setting? (more)

The World's Best Lens Cleaners

     Cleaning a video camera lens is  a painstaking operation, because while you want to remove any dust, spray or other unwanted, view obscuring substance from your lens front element, you don't want to make the problem worse by... (more)



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