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  The Video Production Site is your one stop destination for information, dictionaries and glossaries, how-to's, reviews and articles about film and video production techniques and equipment, as well as an on-line directory of all types of sites that offer information, education or sales for tools, gear, supplies, services and anything else that all types of video and film production people might use to do their creative thing. Whether you are interested in analog tools and media or digital media production and software, you will be sure to find great resources in our many categories of visual arts and motion media production tools and the sites that support them.

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The Grip and Lighting Equipment Dictionary

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Sony HVR-Z5U HDV camcorder

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The World's Best Lens Cleaners

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Production Music and SFX

Studios and Stages

Cameras / Camcorders

Red Digital Cinema

Camera Mounts/Fluid Heads/Tripods/Dollies/Cranes
Spider Support Systems
Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment
O'Connor Engineering

Education and Training for Video and Film

Animation World Network
Autodesk, Inc.
Blender 3D

Grip Equipment
American Grip
Doughty Engineering Ltd.
Matthews Studio Equipment

Video and Film Lighting Equipment
Chimera Lighting
LTM Lighting

Open Source Video Software
Jahshaka - non-linear editing software
Cinemania - image retouching for High-Definition video frames

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